Only the Brave
9 - 16 June 2024
Friday 16 June 2023
Cisano sul Neva - Monesi

The fifth stage, which extends for the most part along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri itinerary and includes almost 3,500 m of elevation gain, is the "queen" stage of the competition: it will be a real challenge for the competitors, but it will remain a splendid and unforgettable memory for those who will have the privilege of running it.

After a short stretch on asphalt, the first interminable climb of this very hard day begins. Quite easy to pedal at first, it becomes increasingly demanding and impervious as you gain altitude, between pastures and grassy reliefs, always with the sea in the background. At Castellermo, near a small church, you can catch your breath on a short, never banal descent: a moment of respite that allows you to tackle the following very tough and technical kilometres, characterized by some very steep stretches and by a continuous alternation of pedaling and portage.

Having reached Colle di Caprauna, at an altitude of 1.379 m, you take the provincial road, go through a few bends and take a quick descent on a dirt road, which ends in Nava. With a long, slightly uphill stretch of asphalt you reach Colle San Bernardo di Mendatica and continue along the dirt road which, climbing steadily among stupendous alpine panoramas, leads to the 1.775 m of Colle di Garezzo.

Here you turn right in the direction of Monte Frontè, to start one of the most iconic climbs in Liguria, a real mountain climb, hard, rugged, sometimes technical, pedalling, walking, in simple words: beautiful. The panoramas are unique, as is the thrill of pedaling among marmots and chamois, despite being just a few kilometers as the crow flies from the sea.

Once you have passed the ridge of Monte Frontè, at 2.140 m above sea level, you descend along the ridge to Passo Garlenda and turn right to take a steep and demanding trail, which leads to Monesi di Triora and the Rifugio La Vecchia Partenza, seat of the stage.

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