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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Lorsica - Genova

The fourth stage begins with a long stretch of asphalt, which climbs with numerous hairpin bends to Barbagelata. Before entering the village, you leave the asphalt and continue at high altitude along the wooded ridge of Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, between cart tracks and paths, reaching Passo della Scoffera. From here the route turns north and then leads to Montoggio, with various ups and downs between small villages, terraces, farmhouses and pastures. After a short stretch at the bottom of the valley, you go up along the slopes of Monte Carossino and then begin to descend towards Genoa. The final part of the stage consists of a short ring that allows you to admire the incredible system of walls and fortifications erected in the nineteenth century to defend the city: on top of steep and panoramic hills, there are the imposing Forte Diamante, Forte Puin, Forte Sperone and Forte Begato. The stage ends at the Ca 'de Rissi sports field.

Development Lorsica - Castagnelo - Ortigaro - Favale di Malvaro - Castello - Passo della Scoglina - Bivio Barbagelata - Sella della Giassina - Passo del Portello - Monte Lavagnola - Passo La Colla - Monte Castelluzzo - Passo della Scoffera - Laccio - Olcesi - Bric della Croce - Fallarosa - Il Poggio - Montemoro - Montoggio - Colletta - Tre Fontane - Campovecchio - Gravasco - Pendici Monte Carossino - Monte Mezzano - Pino Soprano - Genova
alta via stage race
alta via stage race
alta via stage race

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