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9 - 16 June 2024
Tuesday 13 June 2023
Cascina Miera - Finale Ligure

The second stage starts uphill, on a beautiful path that crosses the Adelasia Regional Natural Park and its stupendous beech forest. After a short climb you dive into a fun single track that leads to Ferrania.  You continue on path in direction Altare, until you come out on the provincial road. After a few hundred metres, near Casa Costa del Prato, you leave the asphalt road to turn left onto the dirt road and then, back onto the asphalt road, you pass the Colle di Cadibona crossroads.

Here begins a very long stretch on natural terrain (partly dirt road, partly path) which reaches, with an alternation of ups and downs at medium altitude, Colle del Termine and Monte Alto, at the gates of the Finale Outdoor Region, where the competitors they will be able to try their hand at some of the most famous, technical and fun trails in the Finale area.

In the first part, north of Feglino, the Supergroppo (long, flowy, very complete, with fun lines and small climbs), the Cravarezza (short and fast) and the Ca' Bianca (iconic, very fast, with fantastic hairpin bends and a final section on rocks). After Feglino, you continue with the Val Nava (immersed in the woods, at the foot of famous climbing walls), the Ca' Du Puncin (short, characterized by a succession of canyons, flow sections, stone steps), the Ponti Romani (wide, on a pleasant slope) and finally the Briga Destra, which ends in Finalpia: a great classic of the Finale area, full of fast sections and technical curves on rock.

From Finalpia you continue on asphalt up to the Freeride Outdoor Village Campsite, where athletes can relax, take a dip in the pool and receive the well-deserved attention.

The second stage of Alta Via Stage Race will be an undertaking that will remain in the mind and heart for a long time!

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