Only The Brave
Liguria, 11 - 17 June 2023

Monday 14 June 2021

Giaiette - Lorsica

The third stage develops almost entirely in Parco dell'Aveto, crossing areas of great naturalistic, historical and cultural interest: the numerous small hamlets that arise around the village of Prato Sopralacroce, in a mountain scenery rich in springs and waterfalls; the millenary church of San Martino di Liciorno, hidden in the woods; Monte Aiona, with its vast plateau with an almost lunar aspect; the amazing Foresta delle Lame, dotted with small wetlands of glacial origin. After leaving the heart of the park, the stage continues on asphalt up to Parazzuolo, then finds Alta Via dei Monti Liguri again at Bocca di Feia and follow its panoramic ridge. Once you have passed the saddles of Passo di Ventarola Sud and Passo di Ventarola Nord, you go down to Lorsica, a small village known throughout the world for its damask manufacturing.

Development Giaiette - Passo del Bocco - Castagnello - Zolezzi - San Martino di Liciorno - Vallepiana - Zanoni - Bevena - Rifugio Pratomollo - Passo della Spingarda - Pendici Monte Aiona - Foresta delle Lame - Lago Lagastro - Passo della Gonella - Rifugio Monte degli Abeti - Passo delle Rocche - Passo del Bozale - Cabanne - Parazzuolo - Isoletta - Ventarola - Bocca di Feia - Passo di Ventarola Sud - Passo di Ventarola Nord - La Cucca - Lorsica
alta via stage race
alta via stage race
alta via stage race

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