Alta Via Stage Race - Route


Alta Via Stage Race 2020 partly retraces the itin­er­ary of the Alta Via dei Monti Lig­uri, depart­ing from Riccò del Golfo (SP) and arriv­ing in Pigna (IM). In the first edi­tions of the event, the race course faith­fully fol­lowed the Alta Via dei Monti Lig­uri path, with only appro­pri­ate detours where the track con­di­tions did not allow the pas­sage. In the last edi­tions we tried to vary the route, to offer the chance to dis­cover new cor­ners of Liguria.

Over eight days bik­ers will ride for 400 km and climb 22.000 meters, through dif­fer­ent envi­ron­ments and land­scapes: ter­raced cul­ti­vated hills, medieval vil­lages, for­ti­fied passes, ridge prairies, thick forests and rugged moun­tains. Each day you will dis­cover a new excit­ing destination!


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