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March 30

Alta Via Stage Race: edition 2022 canceled

With great regret, the Alta Via Stage Race staff decided to cancel the 2022 edition.

There come moments in your life when you need to stop and reflect. Also to look at reality in an objective way. Passions and rationality do not always get along and sometimes it is necessary to find a sustainable compromise.

Alta Via Stage Race has always maintained an active and positive attitude in these last two years, which have been difficult for everyone. But in light of current circumstances - the restrictions due to the African swine fever epidemic in Liguria, the sudden unavailability for other faunal reasons of a fundamental stage location, the critical and uncertain international situation - the AVSR staff can't go on.

These situations, independent of our will, force us to cancel the 2022 edition, not allowing us to better organize the event and guarantee the appropriate quality standards. This year more than ever, with a new staff and a new race director, with an intense work on the route and on the stage venues, our goal was to create an edition of AVSR that went beyond expectations and offered an even more compelling race course, a more professional organization and more effective communication, while remaining faithful to the family atmosphere that many athletes already know and appreciate. In this moment some essential conditions have failed and therefore, in order not to ruin all the work done so far, we have decided to stop for a year.

It is a painful but necessary choice.

We thank the registered competitors, the involved administrations, the partners and the sponsors, last but not least the volunteers. And all those who have believed and continue to believe in us.

But the Alta Via Stage Race adventure does not end there. We stop this year immediately laying the foundations, with new confidence and new energy, for the next edition. For an even more exciting and engaging event, according to the style that has always distinguished us.

See you in 2023!



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