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January 28

Alta Via Stage Race 2022 will take place from 11 to 18 June

The most epic MTB stage race in the world is back in better shape than ever.

Starting on January 1st all riders are able to enter the 8th edition of Alta Via Stage Race, the international event that will take the riders on a 8-stage route throughout one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, along a highly suggestive - and yet unknown - ridge path: breath-taking landscapes, natural trails and places rich in history and charm.


The eighth edition of this race aims to provide a heroic and exciting experience for the brave bikers who take up the challenge.

The AVSR will cover approximately 500 km and a total of 20.000 m of elevation gain along the line of Alta Via dei Monti Liguri between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennines. This race promises to be a unique test for bikers from all over the world who want to prove themselves on the challenging singletrack of the beautiful Ligurian landscape.

The bar is set higher than in previous editions: new format, new race direction, high-level project management and a route entirely GPS mapped.

"The renewed formula and the team of professionals working alongside me this year have given me a great boost to make this edition the best ever. We are focusing on the quality of the routes to ensure fun and adventure. I am also supported in the organization of the event and the race by one of the best Italian professionals who works as a project manager for one of the largest Italian event companies. I'm looking forward to seeing the number plates lined up at the start." says Vanessa Chiesa, founder (together with Annamaria Messina) of the event.

The high technical level will be maintained: long singletrack on technical and fun terrain, challenging and adrenaline-fuelled descents in enduro style, portages and long distances for those who love adventure on a mountain bike. There is something for all tastes.

"This stage race is not only beautiful because of the competition and the potential victory. Above all, it is unique because of the feeling you get when you cross the finish line. It's a very difficult, ambitious goal, which tests your body, mind and spirit." says Ronnie Rolandt, rider of the 2021 edition. "It makes you feel alive, you become part of something bigger than yourself. I had the chance to feel the same emotions that champions feel when they participate in the Tour de France or the Cape Epic."


Alta Via Stage Race is a very tough race that tests the physical endurance, technical skill and strategy of the competitors as they make their way through a rugged and wild region. It is also an exciting adventure, because of the beauty of the terrain and the pleasure of competing against competitors of different languages and traditions, in the familiar and welcoming atmosphere for which the race has been known for years.

Every morning - for 7 days - the race course comes alive. More than 100 people prepare for a tough competition over demanding and never predictable stages with a unique flavour that is hard to forget. Not everyone makes it to the end, but the finishers will earn memories that will last a lifetime, as well as the jersey symbolising the great achievement, as per the race motto: "Only the Brave".

This year AVSR is focusing much higher than in previous years. The team's ambition is to create an international brand that can compete with the biggest events in the world. Always putting in the forefront the fun for the riders and giving at the same time visibility to the outdoor tourism and cycling opportunities in Liguria.


Registration opened on 1 January 2022 and involves various subscription fees:
747 € from 1 January to 20 February
847 € from 21 February to 10 March
997 € from 11 March to 12 May

Just register to discover all the surprises dedicated to racers!


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