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February 18

Alta Via Stage Race 2022 changes the route and makes registration easier

Alta Via Stage Race team announce an important news about the 2022 edition route and registration deadlines.

A part of the Liguria Region has been affected by a veterinary critical situation on the wild fauna in the past weeks. The regional government has therefore forbidden access, both on foot and by mountain bike, to the paths and dirt roads in the area of Genoa, where the central stages traditionally takes place.

Despite the fact that the situation has still not recovered after several days, the Alta Via Stage Race organisational machine has not stopped.

On the other hand, the organization team has been completely renewed this year, bringing new ideas related to the competition and not only. Among these, there is the possibility to offer a new concept of itinerary able to exalt the peculiarities of Liguria. Our attention has been focused on what best represents it in the mountain bike world.

If it is true that we must make a virtue of necessity, the constraint that presented itself was used as a kickoff to transform the concept of the race. We have accepted the challenge to launch the Alta Via Stage Race 2.0 project, which will give rise to a brand new edition from year to year and at the same time replicable in part or in their entirety, with in-line and loop stages, focusing if necessary only on a part of the Alta Via, renewing the race in its soul.


The 2022 itinerary will involve the area of Savona and Imperia, giving the opportunity to explore emerging realities, as well as realities that are already famous and appreciated by bikers from all over the world.

The stage locations of the 2022 edition will be: Cogoleto, Cascina Miera (Municipality of Savona), Finale Ligure, Cisano sul Neva, Colla Melosa (Municipality of Pigna) and Bordighera (or another important Municipality of the Riviera dei Fiori).

The race route will cross areas of particular interest and beauty: the Adelasia Nature Reserve, the Melogno Forest and the Barbottina Beech Forest, with majestic specimens of chestnut and beech trees; the Finale area and its dense network of technical singletrack overlooking the sea, the scene of the glorious 24H of Finale and other world-class MTB competitions such as the Enduro World Series; the ridge of the Alta Via between Liguria and Piedmont, which ranges from lunar landscapes to bucolic ones; the Ligurian Alps and Mount Saccarello, at 2.200 metres above sea level, an ideal environment for those who love cycling in a high mountain setting.

We would like to remind you of the dates of the event (11-18 June) and the number of stages: 7 in total, of which 5 in line and 2 ring stages, the first one in Finale Ligure and the second one in Cisano sul Neva.

Now all you have to do is stay tuned to immerse yourself in the individual stages through the video-diary of race director Stefano Scialli and his staff, who will be outlining an amazing AVSR.


There is another important news! We have decided to modify the registration terms, removing the price brackets and related deadlines, so that those interested in participating have plenty of time to view the final route. Therefore, the fees will remain unchanged until 12 May: €747 for the Hero formula and €347 for the Week End formula.

It is a complex and uncertain period and with this decision we want to be as close as possible to you, leaving you free to think only of training your muscles and preparing your suitcase for a week of sport, friendship and fun, the ingredients we now need most that never!

It will be a special edition, a bridge to a new future for AVSR, however faithful to the style and values that have always distinguished us.

We look forward to seeing you at the starting line!



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